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Top Painting Questions Answered For Interior Rooms

Painting interior rooms of your home sounds easy enough, until you run into a question that you just cannot seem to find an answer for. The following are some of the more common questions asked about interior painting methods, techniques and more.

Why is paint chunky and can it still be used?

When you do not finish a can of paint, it is necessary to store it properly. You will need to ensure the lid has been tapped into place to form a nice, neat seal. If this does not happen, the paint within can clump up. This causes chunky paint that has lumps in it. If the paint has not separated, then you can still use it. The best solution for getting the lumps out is to pour the paint through an old pair of panty hose or a fine strainer.

What type of paint finish should you use?

The paint finish is the amount of shine that the paint will have when it has dried. The best way to tell the actual look of these is to compare several of them. A flat finish offers no shine. It is also the most difficult to clean up and the hardest to maintain. On the other end of the spectrum you have gloss paints, which have a very strong shine to them. They are durable and they can be scrubbed clean. You may want something in the middle such as a satin or semi gloss product for the best of both worlds.

Should a second coat be put on?

This is a question based on a particular project so it is hard to give a specific answer. Generally speaking the thicker the paint is, the less likely it will be that you need a second coat, since this helps to block out anything from coming through. On the other hand, if the wall color under the paint is a dark one, you most definitely will need a second coat of paint to be applied.

The paint is not sticking well to the wall. Why not?

For those who have an existing painted wall and want to paint over the top of it, it is necessary to apply a flat coat of paint first. This is true if you have a high gloss paint already on the wall or the wall contains an oil based paint. These products generally do not allow the paint to adhere well on top of them. Use a flat paint first to create some grip and then repaint in the color of your choice.

When it comes to painting interior walls, these tips can help you to get that professional look you are after. Most people will love the look of great looking painted rooms after learning how to get it just right.

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